Hello again loves,

I’m back at you with some wonderful news about our sister store, Lace Bridal Couture, has OFFICIALLY moved!!

We have OFFICIALLY moved 1

They are all tucked into their new location and it couldn’t be more amazing. They still the same store with the same gorgeous gowns, but in a new and improved location.

We have OFFICIALLY moved 2

    They are so excited to offer 5 fitting rooms each with their own viewing room. That means there’s plenty of room to spread out for your entourage! You also get privacy for yourself and your group. They also now have a super awesome waiting area where you can check in and peruse some of our favorites gowns in the windows. Their new space now allows preferred parking spots for our lovely brides!

We have OFFICIALLY moved 3

    With their number of brides growing each year, it was definitely time to expand their store and we can’t thank everyone enough for their love, support and excitement for they. A lot of hard work and love went into creating their lovely shop and it fills our hearts with joy that we can finally share it with you. So, we invite everyone come and take a look at their sweet labor of love because their doors are now officially open! 

We have OFFICIALLY moved 4

We have OFFICIALLY moved 5 Lots of love,