Will You Be My... Bridesmaid

You’ve got your guy… and now it’s time to get your girls! Deciding on your bridal party can induce a little anxiety, but once you’ve made your decisions the best part is yet to come - actually asking them. And don’t be fooled, asking each bridesmaid and maid(s)/matron(s) of honor is a very important and necessary step. Being in a wedding is a rather large responsibility that some might not be prepared for. You always want to ask if your potential bridal party member is ready and able to take on the responsibility.

Brides Maide Picture one

As for the actual act of asking, there are so many cute and creative ways to do so! I highly recommend putting together a box or a small gift of sorts with a card. It’s a great way to show potential bridal party members that you appreciate them taking the time to be a part of your big day. I also think that with any gift it’s always a nice gesture, and shows you put thought into the gift, to personalize something.


Personalizing could be as simple as a card, or you could go a little more fancy and personalize something such as a wine bottle. It’s whatever fits you and your wedding. Which leads me to another point, it’s a good idea to tailor your gift and or box to your wedding. Do you know your wedding colors already? Include them in your gift. Do you know your wedding venue? Put a print out in the gift and let your girls know. Give your potential bridal party an idea of what you’re envisioning for your wedding. Not only will they feel more informed and included, but also it will get them excited for your big day.


No matter how you do it though, don’t forget to enjoy asking your nearest and dearest to join in your special day. This whole process is to not only ask them to be in your wedding but to also let them know what they mean to you. By putting together a gift or box, you are showing each potential bridal party member that you care about them and appreciate them wanting to spend time and money on you and your significant other. Happy asking!

Sarah Seven

Lots of love,